About Master Joy

Master Joy Food & Beverage (M) Sdn Bhd is an international standard beverage manufacturer and exporter, based in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Master Joy specializes in manufacturing and exporting beverages like Soy Milk and Fruit Juice Drinks filled in PP bottles.

The Master Joy’s Original Soy Milk consumers see on the shelves today was one of our earliest products. It has been the leading brand of shelf-stable Soy Milk, offering non-dairy consumers a delicious and nutritious lactose-free product. Our famous Original Soy Milk is made from premium grade NON-GMO Canadian soybeans, which allows consumers to enjoy the delectable Soy Milk taste.

Master Joy also offers a variety of fruit drinks such as Tamarind Drink, Lychee Drink, Soursop Drink, Ice Lemon Tea Drink, Calamansi Drink and Wheatgrass Drink. These beverages are made from real extract of fruits, providing consumers with the authentic fruit taste. Master Joy products are manufactured under strict quality control and procedures to uphold our first-class taste. All products that we manufactured are HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia and MeSTI certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Master Joy products come in two different volumes, 320ml and 290ml PP bottles. Our 320ml products can be found in many chain stores, while the 290ml products are specially designed for vending machines. Master Joy has its subsidiary company, which manufactures PP bottles and has a wide range of high-speed blow moulding and injection machines. Since we are a one-stop-centre, we are capable of producing beverages in variable flavours and packing sizes to cater to the needs of our customers. Master Joy also offers OEM and ODM beverage manufacturing services.

Our Mission

Master Joy aims to provide consumers with healthy food and beverage products with the finest of consistent tastes when consuming. We are also committed to providing consumers with beverages that meet the world-class standard and readily available in the leading local and international stores.